One-day event at the Garešnica Elementary School

The Institute POI held a one-day event at the Garešnica Elementary School on Wednesday, March 22, 2023. in which a number of children, organized by class, were introduced to the BIOPLAnet project and the planned activities. After the introductory lecture on the harmful impact of plastic on the environment, the students prepared bioplastics themselves and had the opportunity to try the “shredder” bicycle.

The New European Bauhaus

Together for a better and sustainable future.

That was the motto of the New European Bauhaus Festival.

Whoever wanted could visit the event at several different locations in Brussels, and yet all located in the center of this beautiful city, the capital of Belgium and the European Union, from 09 to 12 June 2022.

Composed of live exhibitions and workshops, presentation of existing and planned projects, exchange of ideas, brought together actors from different fields of interest.

As a partner, the Institute of Entrepreneurship Education & Innovation contributed to the presence of President Zrinka Valetić, promoting the Adriatic Greenlab project, which showed incredible interest from the general public and experts from individual institutions.

I believe that we will all take big steps together, in the direction of achieving this wonderful project.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the student assigned to us for his help and support in attending, Adrien Delcros, exceptional strength and professionalism in summarizing the topics presented, bioplastics, recycling and of course the idea of ​​Adriatic Greenlab, to all visitors for clear and easy way.


PRAGUE – PRE-EVENT FAB2025 was held in Prague where the Institute of Entrepreneurship Education and Innovation was present as part of the invited organizations.

The event was organized in the direction of the realization of FAB2025 in Prague. More than 30 representatives from different countries and FabLab’s, as well as other organizations working in the field of creative expression, met in PRUSALAB on June 2, 2022 in the direction of learning and analyzing what is planned for this event and the upcoming FAB2025 .

03. June, as announced, in the organization of NEXT ZONE were presented 14 realized or planned events, workshops, projects of all partners, in some way reports that will help in achieving further stages of implementation FAB2025.CZ .

During this meetin the FabLab Zagreb had the opportunity to present the Adriatic GreenLab project, in which the POI Institute is a partner organization together with the Faculty of Architecture University of Zagreb.

The event resulted in the recommendations of the organizers FAB2025 on which topics should be emphasized as well as the agreement for the next two events, one of which should be in Brno next year.

Maker Faire Sarajevo

The first Maker Faire in Sarajevo was held on May 28 and 29, 2022 at the Youth Center, which was attended by a large number of exhibitors, artists, scientists, and “makers” who had the desire and need to share their projects and ideas with the general public.
It is estimated that there were more than 13,000 visitors who were briefly hampered by the rain in the tour, but continued after the weather calmed down their intense arrival. Therefore, we call MAKER FAIRE one of the biggest events in the creative world, the world of invention, curiosity, and resourcefulness.
The Institute of Entrepreneurship Education and Innovation has enlarged the two-day event with the project BIOPLAnet providing everyone with information about the project as well as about planned, upcoming activities.

The BIOPLAnet project

Today, on December 30, 2021, the President of the Institute of Entrepreneurship Education and Innovation, Mrs. Zrinka Valetić, on behalf of the project consortium signed a grant agreement for the BIOPLAnet project, funded by the European Social Fund under the tender “Capacity building of civil society STEM ”.

With project partners Carpe Diem, an association for encouraging and developing the creative and social potential of children, youth and adults, Association for the Promotion of Creative and Healthy Life “Otok”, Association for Creative Social Work , Fablab Association for the Promotion of Digital Fabrication , Faculty of Architecture Univeristy of Zagreb and Technical Museum Nikola Tesla goal of the project is to organize and execute following activities:

1. Conduct 20 trainings to strengthen STEM and teaching skills

2. Conduct four study visits

3. Participate in 22 national and foreign fairs and conferences

4. Set up six sets of interactive popular science installations

5. Hold six presentations on permanent exhibitions

6. Purchase a vehicle and convert it into a mobile circular economy awareness center with a focus on plastic recycling

7. Conduct five multi-day interactive workshops

8. Organize a summer camp

9. Conduct 50 one-day promo events throughout Croatia

10. Organize a BIOPLANet Fest conference

More about the project soon.

MakerFaire Zagreb 2021

For the third year in a row, the Institute participated in MakerFaire Zagreb which was held on European square on October 2nd and 3rd.

Institute’s new project “MyMachine Hrvatska” was introduced to the public where anyone could draw their DreamMachines on paper and use their imagination the best they could.

MakerFaire Trieste 2021

The President of the Institute of Entrepreneurial Education and Innovation visited Maker Faire in Trieste, Italy on September 18th, 2021. She had an opportunity to meet new makers and greet familiar. We hope for cooperation between the Institute and newly introduced makers.

Project “MyMachine Hrvatska” launched

After signing the Cooperation Agreement with the MyMachine Global Foundation, which enables the launch of the MyMachine Croatia project, an introductory meeting was arranged with co-founder and director Piet Grymonprez. The meeting will be held for three days.

Colleagues from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, FabLab NGO, and the Institute of Entrepreneurial Education and Innovation are involved in the implementation of the project. The idea of the meeting is to explain how to start the project MyMachine Hrvatska, who is involved in the implementation, the system of implementation of activities provided by the project, and the time of the workshops.

We are certainly eager and curious to hear a lot of interesting information from the excellent and skilled Piet.

More information about MyMachine click here.

Agreement on cooperation on the future project “MyMachine Hrvatska”

Today, May 14th, 2021 was signed a Cooperation Agreement for the launch of MyMachine Hrvatska as part of MyMachine Global, located in Belgium, between the University of Zagreb Faculty of Architecture, FabLab NGO, and Institute of Entrepreneurial Education and Innovation.

It is planned for the Institute to be director of project MyMachine Hrvatska while FabLab and Faculty will be the core of future project partners.

FabLab’s director R.Vdović, Institute’s director Z.Valetić and Dean of Faculty of Architecture B.Baletić
Signing an Agreement on cooperation for project MyMachine Hrvatska