PRAGUE – PRE-EVENT FAB2025 was held in Prague where the Institute of Entrepreneurship Education and Innovation was present as part of the invited organizations.

The event was organized in the direction of the realization of FAB2025 in Prague. More than 30 representatives from different countries and FabLab’s, as well as other organizations working in the field of creative expression, met in PRUSALAB on June 2, 2022 in the direction of learning and analyzing what is planned for this event and the upcoming FAB2025 .

03. June, as announced, in the organization of NEXT ZONE were presented 14 realized or planned events, workshops, projects of all partners, in some way reports that will help in achieving further stages of implementation FAB2025.CZ .

During this meetin the FabLab Zagreb had the opportunity to present the Adriatic GreenLab project, in which the POI Institute is a partner organization together with the Faculty of Architecture University of Zagreb.

The event resulted in the recommendations of the organizers FAB2025 on which topics should be emphasized as well as the agreement for the next two events, one of which should be in Brno next year.