About Institute

The Institute of Entrepreneurial Education and Innovation is a new non-governmental organization founded in May 2019. Abbreviated name: Institute POI.

The Institute was founded with the idea of ​​developing and strengthening skills and attitudes that enable the implementation of creative ideas primarily in the young population.

The Institute was founded by a biology engineer with experience in environmental protection in the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy, currently in the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure also in environmental, marine and land protection. The idea of ​​founding the association appeared during the cooperation with the association FabLab from Zagreb, in which the president, as a member of the mentioned association, participated in the preparation of certain national and international projects as well as their active implementation. It is certainly worth emphasizing the Horizon 2020 MAKE-IT and DO-IT projects through which she gained an enviable experience which she is already implementing in the work of the new association POI Institute.

Public documents (available only in Croatian)

  1. Constitutional documents
    • Statut (2019)
  2. Annual Reports
    • Annual report for 2022
    • Annual report for 2021
  3. Financial reports