MyMachine Hrvatska

After signing the Agreement of cooperation with MyMachine Global Foundation, which allows the launching of the MyMachine Hrvatska project, the meeting had been arranged with the co-founder and director Piet Grymonprez who gave us interesting and useful information.

The implementation of this project involves colleagues from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, FabLab NGO, and The Institute of Entrepreneurial Education and Innovation.


MyMachine is an organization that works with schools and all levels of education. Primary, high school, and college students work in the same space, whether offline or online.

Primary school students come up with their “dream machine”, i.e. the machine they really want. It is important that students let their imagination run wild. MyMachine doesn’t have specific topics, which means a machine can be just for fun, or it can help solve a city’s problems or even a global one. Students show the desired machine using drawings or models.

College students design and make models of dream machines which they forward to high school students. High school students make working prototypes with the assistance of imaginative inventors of the machines. It is important to mention that MyMachine is not a competition. Every participant is a winner with their creative work and great teamwork.