Together and Responsible for Environmental Benefit 2

Together and Responsible for Environmental Benefit is a project approved and co-financed by the U.S. Embassy predicted from the beginning of September 1st, 2020 to April 1st, 2021.

The main idea is to increase interest in the younger population for the development of entrepreneurial skills through innovative extracurricular activities. The project implements activities aimed at environmental protection, the circular economy, and entrepreneurship.

The first step of project realization was purchasing two machines. One machine shreds pieces of plastic, the other one melts shredded pieces of plastic and pours them out in desired shapes.

The next step was scheduling online meetings with FabLab NGO which has experience in the implementation of this type of project and with mentors from three elementary schools which showed interest. Later joined the NGO “Changemakers”, the organization applied the knowledge gained from the implementation of the design thinking method workshops. Design thinking is a method that helps in understanding and developing creative ways for solving a certain problem.

The workshops were held in two parts. The first part was led by representatives of the NGO “Changemakers” Petra Ravlić and Teo Drempetić Čonkić. Students and mentors were introduced to such a method and were given a specific task, thinking about environmental problems, how to approach them and what to do to solve them. Ideas were conveyed and presented through drawings. We must emphasize those very interesting ideas were encouraged.

In the second part of the workshops, the mentors and students conducted themselves following the given instructions and ultimately made the prototypes they presented, which is recorded in the photos.

In the final phase of project realization, the Institute presented purchased machines in the backyard of the elementary school “Borovje”.

This way we want to thank elementary schools “Borovje”, “I.K.Sakcinski”, and “Klinča Selo” for enabling the implementation of the project and we look forward to future cooperation on upcoming projects.

Presenting the machines in the backyard of the elementary school “Borovje”
Workshop in the elementary school “I.K.Sakcinski”
Online workshop in elementary school “Klinča Selo”